Bringing your Savannah Home


All of our kittens and retired savannahs will not leave Colossal Kitty Savannahs until they have had age appropriate vaccinations, Microchip, spay or neuter and tested for FeLV & FIV. Once they have had all the previous stated then at age of 13 weeks they may go home not any earlier.  It is extremely important to place your new kitty in a room where they cannot hide under anything ie: a bathroom for just the first day. Spend lots of time going in to this safe place so kitty gets used to you. After the first day let kitty in to your room unless the room was previously its safe place. Bonding is so important, the more time you spend playing with the kitty the quicker they will adjust to his/her family. If you have any other cats in the home it is extremely important you quarantine the kitty, I go over details of quarantine in my breeders contract.

When you bring your Savannah home he/she will leave with TICA registration, current food your kitty is eating, sample of vitamins your kitty is on, a few play toys and of course a walking jacket harness because your kitten is harness trained :-)

At this time Colossal Kitty Savannahs Arizona will not ship our cats, they are for local pickup or possibility to meet somewhere depending on where you live. You may fly in to Phoenix Arizona and bring your kitten home on the flight but we will not ship kitty in cargo.