Zaharah F3C

Zaharah is our active Savannah who loves, piggy back rides, jumping on and over our heads while always saving food on her bottom lip for later! This gorgeous gal has the most exotic large black inky spots and legs for days! 

Zaharah came to us from http://redrocksavannahs.com/

Emenum F6SBT

Emenum looks straight through our eyes to our souls. She is extremely intelligent, likes to play in water, she is quit vocal and loves to have conversations with humans. She is not only beautiful on the inside but outside as well, warm colored coat and nice inky spots.

Mulania F3C

Mulania is extremely exotic looking but her behavior is far from wild. She has a nice warm coat with dark brown inky spots, huge  ears, sultry hooded eyes and she really is sugar and spice and everything nice.

Mulania has come to us from Savvy Paws.