Health and Wellness


We feed our Savannahs, a high quality, high protein, grain free food called Solid Gold Indigo Moon and Tiki Cat succulant chicken for wet food. We have found for treats they love the Halo chicken freeze dried treats and Greenies. A healthy digestive system makes a healthy cat. Please make sure to use stainless steel feeding bowls to prevent bacteria and cat acne on the chin. It is also best to give your fur children filtered water and change it out frequently.

Play time

Savannahs have higher energy levels than  other domesticated cats. It is important to give them plenty of play time with feather wond toys, laser light, a cat wheel or even harness leash train them. Here at Colossal Kitty Savannahs we purchase many of our toys and all of our harness / leash sets from


We have used Kitty Bloom products here at Colossal Kitty Savannahs for years. The kitties absolutely love the cheesy flavor! We use the Kitty Bloom 900+3,  Kitty Bloom Xtrabloom wate and the Kitty Bloom Xtrabloom Digest-Aid.